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I would like to say thank you to Nige Higgins at DIY Daddy blog! Please check out his blog and the brilliant dad feature!


If your a new parent or you have a little one on formula sign up for Similac Strong Moms. You will receive free formula and lots of coupons. Have your friends and family members sign up as well! We did this and ended up with a ton of free full size tubs of formula!


Instead of taking a week-long (or more) vacation, why not more short mini vacations all summer long? This is what we have been doing the past couple years. Last summer we took 3 days to visit Chattanooga, TN and spent a day in Nashville on the return ride. We also visited Indy, St. Louis and Louisville. I Only used a couple of vacation days to make it a long weekend and we all had a great time. It’s been my experience that 3 days in one place in most cases is plenty of time to see and do the things you are interested in and enjoy it. I have a short attention span as it is so 5,6 or 7 days in the same place and I am ready to see something else. It’s seems a lot easier to get away for us when we take our long weekend vacations. We usually try to limit the destination to no more than four hours drive one way from our house. This allows us to take many long weekend trips with the family all summer long. Please share how you vacation in the comments! Only 115 days to summer!

Before you stick a green tee-shirt on your kid and send them out to the bus stop why not teach them a little bit about what the day is about. I have put together some fun links to help you share with your kids what the day really is. Maybe if they know a little more about it they will appreciate it more. But more than likely they will spend the day pinching the kid who forgot to wear green and come home to dad putting food coloring in his beer.

Saint Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint who brought Christianity to the country. He spent six years as a slave to pirates before escaping and becoming a missionary. In Ireland, it is celebrated with parades, dancing, and large feasts throughout the country kind of like our Thanksgiving. Here are some links to help you share it with your kids.





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