Red Tricycle

Summer. Way back when we were kids, it was as simple as heading out the door at sun-up, to be allowed back in when the mosquitos started biting, relying on a PB&J tossed through the kitchen door once in a while. These days, the kids look up expectantly hoping to be entertained and enriched—if you ever feel like you end up acting as parent, camp counselor and lion tamer rolled into one, that’s the moment daydreaming about programs created (in our minds) for kid-help 101 seems pretty appealing. Scroll down to get a laugh over nine summer camps we know parents wished existed.

1. Actually Take Care of Own Your Pet Program
Before you fall for the empty promises of fickle toddlers who proclaim, “I’ll take care of it, I swear! It can live in my room” when begging for a shiny new pet, send them to this week-long, military-style boot camp…

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