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Watching the Wheels

March 23, 2015

Time is not a constant. Sometimes it moves very slowly, like when you are waiting in line at the post office, tortured by seconds. There are devices meant to slow time even further. Have you ever spent 20 minutes on a StairMaster? And sometimes time races by. It’s already Spring! Today is my father’s 73rd birthday. I remember his 30th birthday and thinking he was so old. That was about 5 days ago.

The people who know the most about the flexibility of time are athletes. Races are won in hundredths of seconds but a well-covered wide-receiver catching a football feels it all happens in extreme slow motion. I remember a street survey about basketball great Michael Jordan. They asked people what they thought his top hang-time was, from when his feet left the ground to when his hand slammed the ball in the basket. Answers ranged from 5…

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Thank you BSLOkay, so I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to join Hugh’s party and show some love to my fellow bloggers. Before I begin – here are the basic rules:

1. Choose a fellow blogger who you think spreads blog love.

2. Write a short post about them.

3. Entitle your post Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party (so others can find your post).

You can mention as many bloggers as you want in your post and write as much about them as you want, but try to not make your post too long.

Okay, you know me, so of course I’m going to take advantage of the last point. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, people who are incredibly supportive and spread sunshine through their posts. I had to limit myself to fifteen (I’ll keep it brief, I promise), but – like I said – there are so…

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Red Tricycle

Summer. Way back when we were kids, it was as simple as heading out the door at sun-up, to be allowed back in when the mosquitos started biting, relying on a PB&J tossed through the kitchen door once in a while. These days, the kids look up expectantly hoping to be entertained and enriched—if you ever feel like you end up acting as parent, camp counselor and lion tamer rolled into one, that’s the moment daydreaming about programs created (in our minds) for kid-help 101 seems pretty appealing. Scroll down to get a laugh over nine summer camps we know parents wished existed.

1. Actually Take Care of Own Your Pet Program
Before you fall for the empty promises of fickle toddlers who proclaim, “I’ll take care of it, I swear! It can live in my room” when begging for a shiny new pet, send them to this week-long, military-style boot camp…

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Blog Party!

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