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Whether you’re a country girl who loves a hayride or a shopper who can’t get…

Source: Your Guide to Making Memorable Holiday Traditions

Milk and cookies are no longer enough for santa claus. Here are some beer and food pairings for the jolly man in red (and your guests).

Source: Holiday Beer Pairings for When Santa Claus Comes to Town (assuming he’s not on the wagon-sleigh)

These go-to tips and tricks will have you heading over the river and through the…

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Thanksgiving Day Quiz

Thanksgiving Day Quiz, test your Thanksgiving Day knowledge. #Thanksgiving

Source: Thanksgiving Day Quiz

Source: Tips To Help You Through Your First Year Of Parenting

How to Stop Siblings from Fighting and Teach Conflict Resolution Instead.


Now we’re really confused. El Monterey, makers of authentic Mexican frozen foods, has a Twitter page that outright discriminates against dads, yet it was founded by a father and his son.elmonterey1

Don’t believe us? Check out, which has a bio reading, “We’re a family owned company dedicated to helping mom conquer her day,” and also includes a #momwins campaign.

If the bio wasn’t exclusionary enough, the #momwins hashtag certainly creates a senseless rift. After all, if mom wins, then where does that leave dad?

We know, we know, its marketing department would tell us that dad wins, too, by way of the delicious food served, but that age-old corporate speak would be missing the point.

elmonterey2This sort of old-fashioned marketing is a tired approach that’s sure to make dad feel left out. If this company really believes the fallacy that dad doesn’t handle kitchen duty (which in…

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I would like to say thank you to Nige Higgins at DIY Daddy blog! Please check out his blog and the brilliant dad feature!

Watching the Wheels

March 23, 2015

Time is not a constant. Sometimes it moves very slowly, like when you are waiting in line at the post office, tortured by seconds. There are devices meant to slow time even further. Have you ever spent 20 minutes on a StairMaster? And sometimes time races by. It’s already Spring! Today is my father’s 73rd birthday. I remember his 30th birthday and thinking he was so old. That was about 5 days ago.

The people who know the most about the flexibility of time are athletes. Races are won in hundredths of seconds but a well-covered wide-receiver catching a football feels it all happens in extreme slow motion. I remember a street survey about basketball great Michael Jordan. They asked people what they thought his top hang-time was, from when his feet left the ground to when his hand slammed the ball in the basket. Answers ranged from 5…

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